I have a camera... but it basically sits on a shelf. Thank goodness for my iphone... but I really want to take beautiful photos of my life!

Let me guess

→ You are not able to capture a clear photo of your sweet family.
→ You're stuck, and ready to sell your SLR + lenses and just stick with your iPhone.
→ You know some. You've even dabbled in photography. But it's not sticking!

you've looked up all of the free resources, followed all of the "right" blogs, and you're just not getting it. 


The course that makes understanding all things manual mode a breeze!

Shoot in Manual

If you've been dying to take great pics on your SLR!

this is for you

This course is for anyone who wants to be able to completely shoot in Manual mode. Yes, I mean ANYONE! I have had everyone from 13 years olds to current photographers who know manual mode but aren't rocking it confidently or quickly.

As long as your camera has a Manual or "M" mode, I can help you! Basically, I need you to be able to manipulate the aperture, shutter speed and ISO functions. If you're not sure whether or not your camera allows this, check the manual or do a google search! I welcome all brands, makes and models. Removable lenses are not required, but, I do walk you through critical understanding of how lenses work, what their information means and how to know what to shoot with and when! 

Are you totally lost? The reason I love teaching this course is because I know the "foreign language" of photography, and you guys - you can learn it in a 2 hour time this course takes! YOU CAN!

I shoot on average 1,000 images a week so this course is all about taking what I do daily and making sure you can do it anytime, in any setting. I got you - and FAST! 


Keep reading for all the details!

what to expect

Time Investment

We'll meet LIVE for 2 hours in class. Then, you'll practice on your own & be able to access the replay at anytime! Most students feel confident within just a few practice sessions following the class.

Who is this for?

Everyone! Truly! No matter your age or skill set. If you want to learn, I want to teach you! NO experience shooting is necessary to take this course. 

What if I have questions afterwards?

I'm always just an email away. You can always email me with basic questions, or send me photos!

Do I need new gear?

As long as your camera has Manual Mode, you'll be able to learn what I'm teaching! And we talk about gear in class so if you need/want to upgrade or switch, I'll help you!

Class Setting

All classes are LIVE through Google Hangout & you will get a replay link of my recorded screen afterwards! 3-5 students per class, that's it! 

When do classes take place?

1-2 times per month. There is always one evening class and one daytime class!

Laura does a great job of walking you through the steps to conquer the strategy of manual shooting. Providing a reference to “homebase” for your particular lens was incredibly helpful for someone who never really knew how all the photography components fit together. The online class is a friendly intimate environment where wine, laughs, and questions are encouraged.

Meagan P.

Kind words from real students!

I would (and have) told friends that this class helped me feel more confident using my DSLR while traveling and taking photos for my blog. Laura made it fun and easy to understand!

Christine D.

Laura made it easy for me to pick up my camera, and start improving my images right away. I love that she had designated time for us to take photos during the class and that she was able to guide us in using the camera we came with. 

Sianne S.

I couldn't shoot manual before and now I can! Laura is a great teacher. She explains things well and takes time to make sure we are following. As a mom of 4 and new small business owner, I am so grateful to be able to use my camera for everything now without having to hire someone every time! 

Cyndi h.

Laura Foote is a branding + lifestyle photographer, coach, and educator based in Tampa, Florida. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and Instruction and is a former University faculty member and StrengthsQuest™ certified educator. She travels often, but lives in Kansas City with her two sweet girls, theater educator sweetheart, J, and funny rescue dogs. Any day that ends with good food, red wine, and conversations that go 10,000 feet deep are the best in her book!

Laura foote

Laura Foote Photography


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